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hooks languages?

"typically hooks are written in c" I see all the examples and docs are in c. You prefer people to write in c? How do the examples compare/port over to other languages for hooks?

Is there a code example to how to blackist ongoing tx address ?

1. I would like to know If I can block the incomming transaction addr is a blacklisted one 2. How can I know if a particular addr already made a sucessful tx with me. Do I need to create a list , and how do I map and filter to them. Note : I am not from the C background, mostly javascript and java. please help Thank you.

About "inline functions"

Hi there is a question that has been in my mind for some time. https://github.com/XRPL-Labs/xrpld-hooks/discussions/57 I ask the question again here, because I think it is an important one. about "C inline functions" and the compiler option to force compile "always inline". There is a possibility to enable this functionality? Inline functions, I know, can be an alternative to the awful macros. recursion is not possible with inline functions and the benefit could be a programming style very similar to javascript and solidity. thank you

How to get all out going payments of a specific address

platform: "nodejs" lib: "xrpl - ^2.5.0" I'm trying to print out all transactions made by a specific account but its showing 2 transactions even though I only sent one. I understand some what that there is in essence outgoing and incoming transactions. - from my source code what changes are needed to filter the sending account to show all outgoing transactions? - why am I seeing 2 transactions? - do i just need to filter by account? but then how do I differentiate the direction? thanks, sedo: 1) connect 2) create and fund sender and recipient 3) submitAndWait for transaction 4) request "account_tx" full code: ` const TESTNET_SERVER = 'wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233' // Define the network client const client = new xrpl.Client(TESTNET_SERVER) await client.connect() // Derive a wallet from a bip39 Mnemonic - cold address - issuer const senderWallet = xrpl.Wallet.fromMnemonic(getMnemonic()) await client.fundWallet(senderWallet) // Derive a wallet from a bip39 Mnemonic - hot address - regular user's address const recipientWallet = xrpl.Wallet.fromMnemonic(getMnemonic()) await client.fundWallet(recipientWallet) var result = await transfer(client, senderWallet, recipientWallet) // Check transaction results ------------------------------------------------- console.log("Transaction result:", result) const tx_response = await client.request({ "command": "account_tx", "account": senderWallet.address, "validated": true }) console.log(tx_response) console.log( '*************************' ) console.log(tx_response.result.transactions) // Disconnect when done (If you omit this, Node.js won't end the process) client.disconnect() ` output: ` Transaction result: tesSUCCESS { id: 21, result: { account: 'rD9zvrG9G62UtzZtaUteaENTV7SgEdJqof', ledger_index_max: 32544985, ledger_index_min: 32476837, limit: 0, transactions: [ [Object], [Object] ], validated: true }, type: 'response' } ************************* [ { meta: { AffectedNodes: [Array], TransactionIndex: 3, TransactionResult: 'tesSUCCESS', delivered_amount: '1000000' }, tx: { Account: 'rfTxspF3GiroFd3Hfay2Th92kfVthDPenP', Amount: '1000000', Destination: 'rD9zvrG9G62UtzZtaUteaENTV7SgEdJqof', Fee: '12', Flags: 0, LastLedgerSequence: 32545003, Sequence: 32544980, SigningPubKey: '03315108259B667674B193C51691F16901BE10783BD612A8343FED94EB56FBFC25', TransactionType: 'Payment', TxnSignature: '304402207D8263B69C2C08AF06A1AD84C14055655DA0DFF2106B91AE3C33CD70365ABFE3022000E71A788AD60A451CC7D6E438CF029AA474087632627C07F59E0CB735DFD7ED', date: 720772413, hash: 'CF091E1871A1972EC9FC8252E4AD9D3C40893F2CA3B3B821B3D56D2E77B1688C', inLedger: 32544985, ledger_index: 32544985 }, validated: true }, { meta: { AffectedNodes: [Array], TransactionIndex: 1, TransactionResult: 'tesSUCCESS', delivered_amount: '1000000000' }, tx: { Account: 'rPT1Sjq2YGrBMTttX4GZHjKu9dyfzbpAYe', Amount: '1000000000', Destination: 'rD9zvrG9G62UtzZtaUteaENTV7SgEdJqof', Fee: '12', Flags: 2147483648, LastLedgerSequence: 32544986, Sequence: 4414467, SigningPubKey: '02356E89059A75438887F9FEE2056A2890DB82A68353BE9C0C0C8F89C0018B37FC', TransactionType: 'Payment', TxnSignature: '304402203EC0CEF2BEDDBEFA3093E5F9E951A55C514A780C06AD3A560BCEB1E9535E2F2602207E807454B35CC278D4437285DD457A0743145E5DE0702617BF5AA64CEDA0FED5', date: 720772411, hash: 'B36F8491C4235EF137E243DFF8A3273BE3FED544217B346D51DEF4AA7AF791C6', inLedger: 32544983, ledger_index: 32544983 }, validated: true } ] `

Prevent deleting a hook

Is there anyway to prevent a hook from being deleted? my thought process: I don't want a user to be able to remove the hook... so if an account is compromised and the seed/keys land up in the hands of a malicious user. that malicious user should not be able to remove the hook... can a hook be programmed to check some state before being removed/overwritten and act upon that state? is there any sort of OnRemove(); BeforeRemove(); very broad question so im open round about ways. thanks,

EmitGeneration field value looks wrong

Hi In 3 chained transactions test, where the 1st ordinary payment txn triggers the 2nd emitted, and the 2nd triggers the 3rd, I see that the 2 emitted transactions have the EmitGeneration field = 2(the 2nd) and 4(the 3rd) 1st txn https://hooks-testnet-v2-explorer.xrpl-labs.com/tx/D8868FF6761DACA9A704A98D9CD3225BC82E914B507364ECA4D273F919C4712B 2nd emitted txn triggered by the 1st https://hooks-testnet-v2-explorer.xrpl-labs.com/tx/47CDEC6EBA4AAEA9E640643C4A6ACAFF09E63DBE093138F10847EA407509ACE7 3rd emitted txn triggered by the 2nd https://hooks-testnet-v2-explorer.xrpl-labs.com/tx/AF372886C4A3297A0137B43D6C3C823180A69779F060228D27C33F5DE015906F But, according to the documentation, I should see values of 1 and 2 https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/emitted-transactions#emitdetails-block fields are filled by etxn_details() etxn_reserve always = 1 EmitBurden always = "1" seems correct

SetHook with field HookHash "xrpl-hooks" issue?

Hi. below seems to be an issue about "hookDefinition sharing" feature as documented here: https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/sethook-transaction#install-operation https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/reference-counting So To make all easier, I wasm compiled the tiny "starter.c" with no parameters. 1) using HookBuilder (or my environment) I defined a "SetHook" transaction to account (A) as below txn hash: "9BA7315CDE3D50A0DDC88EB4A3E41A0E2FA886A8B11061AA16D4D531E183E4FF" ...omiss.... Fee: "10000000", Flags: 0, Hooks: [ { Hook: { CreateCode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lags: 1, HookApiVersion: 0, HookNamespace: "A0800997EB2FED3F3B33D86DE629F548449450ECF40530106224132D616061BE", HookOn: "3FF5BE" } } ] ...omiss.... 2) using only my environment I defined a second "SetHook" transaction to account (B) as below, just by referring the same hook by its hash txn hash: N.D. ...omiss.... Fee: "10000000", Flags: 0, Hooks: [ { Hook: { HookHash: "A8DDA006B1DA5008CE6FC7C8E6C9A93F08CEA24DA1F2AD8ED03274E3FFB93D59", Flags: 1, HookApiVersion: 0, HookNamespace: "A0800997EB2FED3F3B33D86DE629F548449450ECF40530106224132D616061BE", HookOn: "3FF5BE" } } ] ...omiss.... I simply am using something like this js call const txnResponse = await xclient.submitAndWait(txnBlob); and "npm update" to all the latest packages including: "dependencies": { "xrpl-hooks": "^2.2.1" } I don't know much more about, but I suspect the problem is in the client-side "xrpl-hooks". It seems it simply doesn't handle a transaction with field "HookHash" and without "CreateCode"

hook namespace bug

Hi below might be the same bug on namespaces seen yesterday I set 2 peggy.c hooks with 2 different namespaces. when I tried to reset both namespaces I had the results below ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// step 1) RESET namespace 2F8A0C01F668BCA73EC51C0D8DA77D419582347055E99D5D04FCF73B47BEBCED Result Step 1) Account info { Account: "rnxdRkDeLxVKeRyxsUSpNJBqoDQXUHff7m", Balance: "15064638417", Flags: 0, HookNamespaces: [ "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000", "64254733CF035704661D093F45812F0E22020B7034EBD6565DAA3834420B382A" ] HookStateCount: 1, LedgerEntryType: "AccountRoot", OwnerCount: 2, PreviousTxnID: "4C78C3A343D0F2DD9FC4D6DF240321863B6AA7619463C1C2F1035E8B004CA81F", PreviousTxnLgrSeq: 5500013, Sequence: 4132842, index: "14AEF56D0C89E1DE65F4B84983800C1DAE70310691037986D0BBE145796D70E1" } --------------------- step 2) RESET namespace 64254733CF035704661D093F45812F0E22020B7034EBD6565DAA3834420B382A Result Step 2) Account info { Account: "rnxdRkDeLxVKeRyxsUSpNJBqoDQXUHff7m", Balance: "15054638417", Flags: 0, HookNamespaces: [ "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000", "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000" ] HookStateCount: 0, LedgerEntryType: "AccountRoot", OwnerCount: 2, PreviousTxnID: "CF4D0DD1A4F1CED0E56918BE9BFED41AD767C8692E764B41D42B13C0EBD6F1A4", PreviousTxnLgrSeq: 5500189, Sequence: 4132843, index: "14AEF56D0C89E1DE65F4B84983800C1DAE70310691037986D0BBE145796D70E1" }

RESET hook namespace data

Hi while testing peggy example I tried to RESET the hook namespace data https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/sethook-transaction#namespace-reset Is there a quick way to do this task inside the online hook ide tool filled with examples I am testing currently or maybe do I have to create a small project outside here that sends the right "SetHook" txn using Richard's xrpl-hooks lib below is the code I wrote online but it doesn't work, probably for "xrpl-accountlib" not supporting hooks. thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ // reset-nshook.js // RESET HOOK NAMESPACE // from modified trust-user.js import lib from "https://esm.sh/xrpl-accountlib?bundle"; import { XrplClient } from "https://esm.sh/xrpl-client?bundle"; import keypairs from "https://esm.sh/ripple-keypairs?bundle"; /** * @input {Account.secret} hook_secret Hook Account */ const { hook_secret} = process.env const hook_keypair = lib.derive.familySeed(hook_secret); const hook_account = keypairs.deriveAddress(hook_keypair.keypair.publicKey); const client = new XrplClient('wss://hooks-testnet-v2.xrpl-labs.com'); const main = async () => { const { account_data } = await client.send({ command: 'account_info', 'account': hook_account }); if (!account_data) { console.log('Account not found.'); client.close(); return; } const tx = { TransactionType: "SetHook", Account: hook_account, Fee: "2000000", Sequence: account_data.Sequence, //Flags: 262144, Hooks: [ { Hook: { // absent CreateCode: fs.readFileSync('accept.wasm').toString('hex').toUpperCase(), // absent HookOn: '0000000000000000', HookNamespace: "2F8A0C01F668BCA73EC51C0D8DA77D419582347055E99D5D04FCF73B47BEBCED", // absent HookApiVersion: 0, Flags:2 // hsfOVERRIDE: 1, hsfNSDELETE: 2, } } ] }; //!!!! lib.sign() doesn't handle "SetHook" const { signedTransaction } = lib.sign(tx, hook_keypair); const submit = await client.send({ command: 'submit', 'tx_blob': signedTransaction }); console.log(submit); console.log('Shutting down...'); client.close(); }; main();

Tx Sucess in Callback?

Hi, I'm trying to find out whether an emitted tx was successful or not(from within the cbak function). Since I have neither access to "engine_result" nor "meta" data in the cbak function, the emitted Tx might not be sufficiently financed (tecPATH_PARTIAL) and the cbak function would still be called with "0". Is there a way to make sure the emitted tx went through properly? Best greets Chris