2022-03-09 - Hooks V2 Testnet live

The Hooks V2 Testnet is now available. Installed Hooks, accounts, balances, etc. on the V1 (previously: only) testnet did not migrate to the new testnet: the V2 testnet started from scratch.

2022-01-25 - Hook Chaining

Testnet V2, featuring Hook Chaining, is now live (March 9th 2022). See:

2021-05-3 - Breaking API and behaviour changes

Hooks testnet build 0a1cb3f175414a5a7bb1b6b4c4646c04


2021-04-19 - Hooks Public Testnet live

Hooks Testnet build b4a7e6cd681f3b86997f8cb41bf8b145 is now live.