2023-02-15 - Hooks V3 Testnet live

The Hooks V3 Testnet is now available. Installed Hooks, accounts, balances, etc. on the V2 (previously: only) testnet did not migrate to the new testnet: the V3 testnet started from scratch.

The V2 testnet is no longer available at this time. The V3 testnet has new URLs:

Homepage & Faucet: https://hooks-testnet-v3.xrpl-labs.com
Testnet (WebSocket): wss://hooks-testnet-v3.xrpl-labs.com
Explorer: https://hooks-testnet-v3-explorer.xrpl-labs.com
Debug Stream: https://hooks-testnet-v3-debugstream.xrpl-labs.com
V3.0 docs: https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/v3.0/
Interacting with the Hooks V3 testnet
A patched version of xrpl.js (for Typescript/Javascript) for Hooks is available here:

Main differences;

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • Updated HookOn from 64 bits to 256 bits
  • Added meta_slot and otxn_param functions
  • Added URIToken Transactor
  • Added Invoke Transactor