Correct working wasm not being validated


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Correct working wasm not being validated

Hey there, as you might have known, I'm working on which is a Rust project that compiles Rust code into hook-compatible wasm. And I was working on some XFL support for one of my pull requests at with an integration test containing the problematic hook.

While testing, I came across a very strange behavior of XRPL node when it validates hooks. Basically, if I add a bit more code that is supposed to be functional and working like any other code, it will suddenly stop the node from validating the hook.

The preliminary observation (could be totally wrong) is that if I add too many block statements in the wasm file... the node will not validate my hook? The issue contains all the payloads and the details so please check it out. I've been wrestling with this for a while but couldn't really find meaningful solutions.

I know it sounds like a rough summary and it is, so please do have a thorough read of the code and the Github issue: