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V2 Trace and Fee


I migrated my code from v1 to v2 and am having some issues.

  1. I have to pay at least 2 XRP for all transactions (not just the setHook tx) to be validated. And even then it takes between 5 and 10 ledgers. Is that normal?
  2. I can't "trace" variables. Example:
    Works: TRACEVAR(5); - logs: "5 5"
    Doesn't work: uint8_t x = 5; TRACEVAR(x); - logs: "x "
    I've tried with and without the TRACEVAR macro, with self-set variables and variables retrieved from state, but it doesn't work. But the variables are set because the code works fine. Did something change when logging into v2 that I missed?

Appreciate any help!
Greets Chris